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Jun 6, 2016

Aaaah, podcast! Is there any word more thrilling to the human soul? This week the hilarious Chris Stephens (Funny or Die, @chrisstephensmd) joins us to discuss “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase!” We discuss hat-based comedy, snackable content, Nancy Drew CD-Roms and wedding after wedding after wedding! Plus: Allie had a crush on Ted Knight! As a child! Ted Knight!

The episode of Conan O’Brien’s Serious Jibber Jabber with the Simpsons writers can be found here:


May 23, 2016

On this week's episode, concerned citizen Mike Mayfield (Mr. Pickles, @mikelmayfield) joins us to discuss the senseless violence and mayhem of season 2's classic "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge." We talk about writer/animator tension, outrage culture, and whether or not it's really easier to draw a pie than an ice cream cone. Plus: HAS ALLIE BEEN A PARENT ALL ALONG?!?!?!?!?

May 16, 2016

This week we’re joined by the wonderful Haley Mancini (The Powerpuff Girls!) to discuss the heartbreaking and hilarious season three opener “Stark Raving Dad.” We read the episode’s bafflingly odd Wikipedia summary, marvel at the show’s mastery of “kid moments,” and discuss famous Simpsons “writer” Roy G. Royerson. Plus: couldeatatarbys is back in action! 


May 9, 2016

This week’s show is a celebration of legalized gambling as we discuss “$pringfield (or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Legalized Gambling)” with the man who drafted the Paris Peace Accords, Julian McCullough (@JulezMac, Julian Loves Music podcast). We discuss past guest Saul Sossason, the show’s honest portrayal of addiction issues, and whether or not Fuller House is just a post-modern prank*. Plus: We applaud Julian for having never done crack! Great job, Julian!

This episode is so great it’ll leave you saying “…Vera said that?”

*It's not...

May 2, 2016

The girls sit down with actor Jeremy Guskin (’Til Death, Art School Confidential and JULIA’S OLD HS THEATER TEACHER!) and gush about the Simpsons’ infamous international episode. They discuss overly ambitious yet wildly obscure Halloween costumes, the real life story behind this episode, and that fresh faced young upstart Martin Scorsese. This episode is so great it'll have your brain saying "Just listen to the show and I'll release some more endorphins."

Apr 25, 2016


To prep for his role as "Podcast Guest" Nelson Franklin (Veep, Scott Pilgrim) joins us to discuss "Homer and Apu." The pro-apple/anti-apple debate rages on, we relive our worst spiritual depantsings, and take another visit to the Good Dads Club.

PLUS: We read the Wikipedia definition of Chipwich!

Apr 18, 2016

Welcome to the podcast factory. If you’ll direct your eyes to the floor, you’ll see a podcast. Listen to it. It will contain Mike Lawrence (@themikelawrence, Inside Amy Schumer) discussing an episode of the television cartoon program The Simpsons entitled “Bart Gets Famous.” It includes conversations about the inevitable let down of TV revivals, the frustrations of fan culture, and an elaborate fiction about the bureaucrats that name Simpsons episodes. Afterwards, there are Krusty Q’s. At that point the podcast will be over, and we may continue our tour of the podcast factory.

Apr 11, 2016


This week, Ken Jennings (Author, Jeopardy champion) brings his own brand of laid back adult contemporary discussion to the show to talk about “Deep Space Homer.” We discuss how he decided to quote the show on Jeopardy, how absurdly quote-packed this episode is, and whether or not Ken is in a room full of theremins.

And remember: It's all thanks to this inanimate carbon rod!

Apr 4, 2016

Did You Know: Bob Dylan was supposed to be our guest this week, but he said no, so we got someone EVEN BETTER: The hilarious Kyle Clark (Stonecutters LA, This Is Rad podcast)! Kyle and the gals discuss the secret origin of Kyle and Julia’s friendship, the tendency to define yourself by what you like, and having surprisingly cool Dads.


Mar 28, 2016


Push out the jive and bring in the love! In this week's Chocotastic episode, Hutch Harris (The Thermals!) joins Allie and Julia to discuss "King-Size Homer." They talk about the unequaled majesty of Googling "Simpsons bird," weirdly mean Wikipedia entries, and processing this insane election season with Simpsons gifs. Plus: Allie really really likes Slapshot!

Mar 21, 2016

Open your yaps, boyos, it’s time for Everything’s Coming Up Podcast! This week the hilarious zine-wizard Zachary (How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety, How to Talk to Your Cat about Evolution, and How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence) joins the gals to discuss Oakley and Weinstein’s love of character actors, subversion of sitcom tropes, and Allie’s love of easy to eat fruit. It’s better than a Banana Kaboom!

Mar 14, 2016

LIVE FROM THE CASBAH, it’s Everything’s Coming Up Podcast with special guest Matt Selman (The Simpsons for TWENTY SEASONS)! He chats with the gals about the tonal/visual evolution of the show, writers room anxiety, and shares some really cool behind the scenes stories about The Simpsons Ride! #CasbahPoints

For more on The Mast Brothers, head to

Mar 7, 2016

On this week's episode we FINALLY get to the Fireworks Factory as Josh Weinstein (The Simpsons, Gravity Falls) returns to talk about "The itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show." They discuss the difference between Simpsons and SNL writers, crazy fan theories, and Josh reveals an amazing bit of writers room trolling from Conan O'Brien. I could keep raving about how wonderful this episode is BUT I HAVE TO GO NOW. MY PLANET NEEDS ME.

Feb 29, 2016

Grab a California Cheeseburger, it’s time for “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson!” Simon Ore (@mrsimonore, Cinefamily) joins Allie and Julia to discuss the secret life of Sarah Wiggum, the shocking lack of left-handed murderers, and why it’s important to be funny, strange, sad and beautiful. Plus: Julia has a stroke and it’s HI-LAR-IOUS!

Feb 22, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Lonely Man Loves Dogs!

ALSO BREAKING NEWS: Wonderful Person Georgia Hardstark (Unique Sweets, My Favorite Murder and Slumber Party podcasts) joins Allie and Julia for a discussion of wackity-schmackity dodo-heads, incredibly direct bumper stickers, and some devastating news about Celebration, FL. It’s episodes like this that make me glad I flunked out of dental school!

Don't forget to stay tuned for Krusty Qs!

Feb 15, 2016

This week's episode is a WHITE-HOT GREASE FIRE OF PURE ENTERTAINMENT as the gals are joined by the hilarious Katie Crown (@katie_crown). They discuss the specifics of bad community theatre staging, finding your purpose via Lion King tapes and supercut after supercut after supercut! Plus: It's the triumphant return of everybody's favorite segment, "What Is Jasper Doing In This Episode?"

Will you like this episode? I think the review, "Podcast Enjoyed By All," speaks for itself.

Feb 8, 2016

Oh podcast! You came and you gave without taking! This week, Dave Child (Liquid Feet, AfterBuzz TV) joins the gals to discuss "The Last Temptation of Homer." They discuss what it feels like to be "The Mindy," try to remember the name of that Al Franken-looking motherfucker, and get really creeped out by Bernie's Yearning. #RepairYourShoes #WayToDave

Feb 1, 2016

Less artsy, more fartsy! Dave Horwitz (UCB, Lil' Cuties Podcast, writer for tons of TV) gets deep into the episode lovingly referred to by fans as, "SPACE COYOTE." The gang chats about the complexities of defining your "soul mate," the trippy visuals from the insanity pepper sequence, and also -- Johnny Cash, the coolest person who ever lived.

Jan 25, 2016

Jonah Keri (Grantland, ESPN, NY Times Bestselling Author) sits down with the gals to talk about the poignant beauty of Smithers and Burns' relationship, using Simpsons quotes as a romantic litmus test, and how the show perfectly balances emotions to jokes. Listen to this episode, or the Germans will be mad at you and as you know, "we Germans aren't all smiles and sunshine."

Jan 20, 2016

Alex Falcone (Read It And Weep podcast) joins the gals to talk about "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily." They discuss wacky title pages, the proper moment to reformat your podcast, and the pros and cons of Homer and Marge's parenting skills. You can check find more of Alex on Twitter @alex_falcone, and his podcast can be found on iTunes and @read_weep.

Jan 11, 2016

Shawn Pearlman's an underachiever and proud of it as he guides the girls through one of the more heartbreaking early episodes. They cover everything from the panic of not being "good enough" in school, appeasing our TV-loving parents and how Shawn's voice is abnormally loud. Catch Shawn's podcast and web series, "Lil' Cuties" on Feral Audio, and follow him on all the social medias as @shawnpearlman.

Jan 5, 2016

Yo Gabba Gabba's own DJ Lance Rock sits down with the girls to explain why he's an undercover Simpsons fanatic who keeps Simpsons screen-caps on his phone at all times. Join them as they gab about Comic Con etiquette, why rats milk is perfectly fine for Milhouse to drink, and how George Lucas makes Mark Hamill pay for his own lightsaber.

Dec 2, 2015

Allie and Julia speak directly to you, the listener, about why they're going on a "winter break" and what that could mean for your Simpsons-loving future. From dating games, to "Waynestock"-type festivals, to videos, to Patreon subscriber bonuses. The sky's the limit, and so is our talk about Sega Genesis games from the '90s. See you nerds on January 4th!

Nov 24, 2015

Liz Prince (Cartoonist, "Tom Boy") joins the gals to bend the Wookie about "Lisa's Rival." They attempt to suss out Liz's unexplainable obsession with "The Fugitive," heartbreaking moments of adolescence, and the fact that not everything is shipped in big oil tankers. Join us for all the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs and the creaaaaamy centers of this episode!

Nov 9, 2015

Deanna Rooney (Comedy / Art / Animation goddess) joins the gals in talkin' about her Halloween obsession, how cuddly gremlins can be when swaddled by Ned Flanders, and how we all wish we had a Super Fun Happy Slide in our lives. Listen to this new episode and live by our new motto, "When else am I gonna be here?"

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